My name is Sam Roon.  I am a professional problem solver.  Having worked nearly 2 decades in digital, I have seen a lot; million-dollar projects crash & burn, unqualified leaders make mistakes that destroy companies, and I’ve personally failed more times than I can count.

Why Me?

Albert Einstein once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.”1   My less eloquent thought on the matter is that experience is just a series of failures that haven’t killed you yet.  If you aren’t challenging the limits then you aren’t pushing hard enough to do something special in life.

This is an interesting point, not because of the aggressive dedication it presumes, but because I consider work the catalyst for doing something special in life.  My reading list in recent years consists primarily of politics and revolutionaries.  The consistent topic at the highest level in all of these books has been the major contributions everyone is trying to make to society.  Right or wrong, revolutionaries are trying to contribute to society in a significant way.   This is the way of thinking I apply to my work.

Nice To Meet You

It’s with this same energy I introduce myself to whoever finds themselves reading this post.  I have made a decision to start a professional blog.  The driving force is that I see a series of topics few people are addressing, or at least not in a satisfactory way.  I plan to share some insight based on experience, and find those who I consider experts to contribute their expertise on topics that are relevant to people like me.

My name is Sam Roon.  I challenge the corporate-norm and provide a unique perspective on work culture.  I’m excited to share my thoughts with you.


  1. Einstein, Albert. Ideas And Opinions (p. 271). Crown Publishing Group.

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